Canicross is cross country running with a dog. It originated in mainland Europe as a way IMG_8352to maintain the fitness of sled dogs over the summer, and has now grown into its own sport open to all dogs and people. Any dog can participate as long as they are fit and healthy. Like all other dog sports, the health and welfare of the dog always comes first.


I first heard about Canicross when I was 15 and running about 5km 2-3 times a week with one of our dogs. I already had my parents taking me all over the country for dog shows, I couldn’t ask them to also let me try this. Fast forward 12 years and I had started running and looked up Canicross again. It had now grown tremendously with groups all over the country.


In January 2015 I went on my first group run with Barking Mad Canicross TrailRunners in Digswell, Hertfordshire and I haven’t looked back since! This is now a firm part of my life.

I am always happy to talk Canicross, and if your in Hertfordshire and fancy a social run, everyone of all abilities is welcome to join. Barking Mad Facebook page is here.

For finding groups, or general Canicross chat on Facebook, Canicross Trailrunners Facebook page can be found here. The also have a website.