The following services are a small sample of what we can help you with. We offer either one to one session, or if you and a group of friends want to train together we can accommodate you all. Please contact us for more information and to see what we can do for you.

Ringcraft classes are suitable for people and dogs of all abilities from those who have never shown, to those training up their next potential champion. The ringcraft classes will help both you and your dog get some ring practise in with trainers acting as judges to go over and watch your dog and socilising your dog with others in a different environment. Ringcraft is an important part in any show dogs life. Prices vary from club to club. Feel free to get in contact to find a Ringcraft in your area.

Improving your handling
Do you feel you are letting your dog down, do you want to learn more tricks of the trade? Then let us help you with your handling skills

Improving your bond with your dog
Get some information and exercises to help you build a bond with your dog

Getting the most from your dog
Make sure your dog is working to the best of their ability and you are getting the most from them.

Motivating your dog
Is your dog a bit sluggish in the ring? We can help you bring the motivation and fun back for your dog

Specific issues
Crabbing, pacing, free standing, stacking, ring shy etc can all be sorted. If your dog is scared of men, do not fear, experienced male judges and trainers are on hand within Winning Paws.

Working dogs together
A common problem in the ring can be siblings or house mates in the ring together. Work on the two dogs focus to the handler and not each other

Junior Handling
Practice for JHA and YKC classes, one to one sessions can be modified to suit handlers of all abilities

Adult Handling
Practice for Adult Handling classes, one to one sessions can be modified to suit handlers of all abilities

Help with theory, show paperwork and Q&A session over coffee
We can help with entry forms, setting up online accounts, talk you though what to expect at a show or anything else you can think of

Prices start from £25 an hour for one to one sessions. Roxanne can travel to any location you choose but travel costs may be added to the price. Please contact us for more information and quotes.